Adarsh Samaj - NGO India, Faridabad
NGO India Adarsh Samaj - Organizational Setup
NGO in Faridabad
Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 91-129-2295672, 9873342449, 9717079558

Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development
4 Layer Organizational setup exists with the Samiti
Co-ordinator is the chief functionary of this Samiti and he co-ordinates all the activities planned by the Samiti. Co-ordinator is a link among the Patrons, advisory committee, executive body and general body. At present Shri S.P.Dubey who is the founder of the Samiti is the co-ordinator of all activities. His contact address is:

Chief Functionary
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti

909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 91-129-2295672, 9873342449
There are 3 patrons.

Shri K B Dubey- He is a textile professional and proprietor of a textile mill. He is very cooperative and motivated social worker. He helps the samiti by financially and by doing social activities.

Shri S.N.Sharma- He is a textile professional and a proprietor of a textile business establishment. He is very gentle and committed person and helps the Samiti by extending financial help, guidance and encouragement.

Shri S.N.Pandey-He is professionally a metallurgical engineer with Qatar govt. petrochemical Ltd. DOHA, Qatar. He is a very motivated social worker and he helps the Samiti by providing financial help & managerial guidance.
A group of intellectual, experienced and high status people of the society are the members of the advisory committee . They are professionals from all walks of life and their role is of an advisory nature for the Samiti. They play a vital role in planning the activities and finalizing the methodology for Samiti's achievements.
Executive Body Consist of 12 members namely President, Vice President (2 Nos.) ,General Secretary ,Asstt. General Secretary, Treasurer , Asst. Treasurer, Secretary (3 Nos.), Legal Advisor & Co-ordinator . Out of 12, 9 Members are Elected and 3 Members are co opted by Elected Member and in turn all 12 members elect the office bearers of the samiti . The Election is held once in 3 years. Main function of executive body is execution of planned activities but they also have the power to appoint and terminate Patrons and members of advisory committee. Financial power is retained with executive body only. President, Vice President, Treasurer and Jt. Treasurer are authorized signatories for dealing with accounts matter. However they are guided by plans or activities decided by advisory committee, patrons and executive body jointly. Executive body is elected by general body, advisory body and patrons. It is also empowered to appoint committees and sub committees for various activities.
It consists of a number of life and ordinary members. It is the supreme body for taking any vital decision in the interest of the Samiti. Generally the General Body meeting is held twice a year. Any adult person irrespective of class, caste, religion, language or state can become the member of the general body by paying the fee of life membership or ordinary membership as mentioned in membership criteria.