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Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 91-129-2295672, 9873342449

Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development

Any person not below the age of 18 years who accepts to abide by the memorandum and rules and regulations of the Samiti and pays the membership fee of Rs. 100/- for registration and annual membership fees of Rs. 200/-(for ordinary member) or life membership fees of Rs. 2000/- (for life member) will be enrolled as a member of the Samiti by filling the prescribed form of the Samiti duly signed and introduced by the President or any other office bearer.

Organizational Set Up:
Patron: Sh. K B Dubey
Patron: Sh. S.N. Sharma
Patron: Sh. S.N. Pandey


Executive Committee Members for the Year 2014 – 2016
President: Shri Rameshwar Dutt Sharma
Vice President: Shri B K Pandey
Vice President: Shri Umesh Srivastva
General Secretary: Dr. Sova Bhattacharya
Asstt. General Secretary: Shri Mukesh Kumar Dubey
Treasurer:        Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary
Asst. Treasurer:        Shri D N Mishra
Secretary:        Shri B N Pandey
  Shri Ajay Kumar Sinha
  Smt. Meena Pandey W/o Sh. D N Pandey
Legal Advisor:   Smt. Meena Pandey W/o Sh. R P Pandey
Co-ordinator:           Dr. S.P.Dubey


Advisory Committee Members
Dr. S.P.Srivastava: Former Executive Director, IOC, R&D Centre, Faridabad
Sh. S.N.Pandey:
Metullurgical Engineer, Q.G.P.C., Qatar
Sh. S.N.Sharma:
Proprietor, Priyanka Globles, New Delhi
Sh. B.S.Rawat:        GM (Rtd.), IOC, R&D Centre, Faridabad
Dr. G.K.Sharma: Director (Tech.), NATRIP, New Delhi
Dr. B.Basu: GM, IOC, R&D Centre, Faridabad
Dr. D.K.Tuli: GM, IOC, R&D Centre, Faridabad
Dr. A.A.Gupta: DGM, IOC, R&D Centre, Faridabad
Sh. R.R.Garg: Proprietor & Partner, Sud & Waren Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad
Sh. Yogendra Deshwal: Proprietor, Karan Dying Mills, Faridabad
Smt. Rekha Sharma  


Governing Council of CTSD

Sh. Ashoke Joshi Retd. I.A.S., Former Secretary MOSRTH.
GOI Chairman Srinivasan Services Trust.

1. Sh. K.Rajendran Nair, Retd. IAS, Former Commissioner Handloom commission
2. Dr. T.S.R.Prasada Rao, Former Director (IIP)
3. Dr. A.K.Bhatnagar, Former Director IOCL
4. Sh. R.S.Singh, Former Chief Engr. Indian Railway
5. Sh. S.N. Prasad, Retd. Chief Commissioner,Income tax
6. Dr. S.P.Srivastava, Former Executive Director, IOCL
7. Dr. R.P.Singh, Former Principal Scientist, AIARI
8. Dr. R.K.Pandey Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
9. Sh. S.N.Sharma, Director, Priyanka Implex Ltd.
10. Sh.K.B.Dubey,Vice President, Adarsh Samaj Sahayog Samiti
11. Sh. S.N.Pandey, Met. Engr. QGPC Qatars
12. Dr. G.K.Sharma, Director, NATRIP, GOI
13. Dr. S.P.Dubey, DGM, IOCL, R&D Centre Faridabad

Dr. G.K.Sharma, Advisor
Mr. S.P.Dubey, Coordinator
Phone: 91-129-2295672
Mobile no.: 9873342449, 9818856444