Adarsh Samaj - NGO India, Faridabad
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NGO in Faridabad
Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 9717079558,9873342449

Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development
Integrated SDGs
Working Area
All over India this Samiti can open branch offices and can operate in any part of country with its aims and objectives.
Depending upon activities in different area of India, executive committee will decide to open branch offices. For opening the branch offices following criteria are to be followed.
  1. If local representatives of selected area will be interested and will agree to follow the rules and regulation of Samiti and fall within the criteria of eligibility of membership can be made regular members of Samiti.
  2. If sufficient numbers of members will be available, following office bearers will be elected by local members in presence of central authorized executive committee members.
  3. Following Branch office bearers can be elected for smooth functioning of local activities of Samiti.
    Area President-One
    Area Vice President-One
    Area General Secretary-One
    Area Jt. General Secretary-One
    Area Treasurer-One
    Area Jt. Treasurer-One

  4. Election for above Area office bearer will be conducted as per Samiti rules as mentioned for executive committee.
  Their power for local activities will be similar to that of executive body and they will be answerable to central executive committee.
  The Area President will be the co-ordinator for all local activities and will be responsible for implementation of Policy, execution of work, maintenance of records, maintenance of financial records etc. He will be required to send information of activities on monthly basis/ quarterly basis as decided by central registered office executive body.
  Area office will open an A/C in the name of Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti in nationalized bank in that order.
  Only authorized persons of Area office will be made responsible for handling the Accounts in bank. Accounts will be maintained by area office bearer (President or treasurer ) on day to day basis.
  Area income/expenditure accounts will be required to be certified/compiled by charted accountant every financial year.