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Mrs. Priya Srivastava
President, Women Welfare
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Empowering Youth through Skill Development

India is home to a youthful population, with nearly 65% aged below 35 years. While many are educated, a substantial number remain school dropouts, and unemployment remains a pressing concern. A significant portion of the educated populace lacks the skills needed for suitable employment or entrepreneurship. Recognizing these challenges, the Indian government has established a dedicated Ministry of Skill Development.

Considering this, ASSS is committed to making a substantial contribution to skill development among urban and rural youth. With this goal, we have initiated a Skill Development Centre (Adarsh Kushal Vikas Kendra) catering to educated individuals as well as school dropouts, with a special focus on empowering young women. This centre is in a strategic location in Faridabad, Haryana, India, ensuring accessibility for both urban and rural candidates. This area predominantly houses low-income group residents and is surrounded by multiple villages.

ASSS initial focus includes four skill development courses: Sewing, Beauty Parlour, Computers and Henna Art, predominantly targeting women and girls. Each course spans six months. Presently, training classes are conducted six days a week, with one batch per day, comprising 25 candidates for each course. Over a span of six months, two examinations/tests are held, culminating in the award of course completion certificates by ASSS to successful candidates.

Recently, we have also launched a computer learning centre, generously aided by the R&D Centre of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., a Fortune 500 company based in Faridabad. Simultaneously, we offer the courses alongside computer learning in two batches each day (six days a week). Each batch accommodates 25 learners, collectively training 200 students in the centre across the four courses. ASSS aim is to equip learners with skills that render them employable or capable of starting their own ventures. Centre has carefully curated syllabi in alignment with government-designed standards. Monthly tests ensure consistent progress, while two comprehensive examinations during the six-month course determine successful completion, leading to our ASSS-issued certificates. Soon, ASSS endeavours to attain government certification for these courses through the Government of Haryana, India, augmenting learners' employability prospects, including in the public sector.

To ensure effective learning, Centre maintains a student-trainer ratio of 1:15, necessitating twelve trainers and three administrative staff. These dedicated individuals are compensated with proper wages as per Government norms.



The Digital Mastery Initiative by Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti is a transformative 3-months program tailored to equip underprivileged youth with crucial computer skills, specifically focusing on Microsoft Office and Tally. The initiative aims to empower participants for roles such as data entry professionals and receptionists, opening doors to enhanced employability and economic independence.

Goals: Participants dive into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, gaining proficiency for document creation, data analysis, and presentations. The curriculum also includes comprehensive Tally training, empowering efficient handling of accounting tasks. Professional communication, email etiquette, and front desk management skills are integrated to prepare participants for receptionist roles.

Timeline: The program unfolds over three months, featuring classes five days a week with two hours of daily instruction, ensuring immersive learning. With each batch limited to 18 participants, the program fosters collaborative learning, peer interaction, and individualized attention.

Last Leg: Assessment comprises a dual-phase process – a written test for theoretical knowledge and a practical examination for hands-on proficiency. Successful participants receive a coveted certification, acknowledging their competence in Microsoft Office, Tally, and receptionist skills, paving the way for employment opportunities.
Program Year of Inception Cumulative Enrolment (Last 02 Years) Target Enrolment
Digital Mastery initiative 2018 140 240


The Textile Mastery Program by Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti is a meticulously designed 3-month course aimed at empowering underprivileged youth with profound sewing and design skills. This comprehensive initiative encompasses every stage of garment creation, from sourcing raw materials to mastering intricate hand embroidery techniques.

Goals & Timeline: The program aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of sewing, commencing with the fundamentals of sewing machines, encompassing types, parts, functions, and troubleshooting. Participants will explore essential tools for garment making, including sewing and embroidery tools, cutting tools, measuring instruments, marking tools, and pressing equipment. The curriculum strives to unveil the art of pattern making, providing insights into various paper patterns and their practical applications.

Students are expected to acquire expertise in hand sewing techniques, mastering temporary and permanent stitches, seam types, & finishes. The goal extends to garment proficiency, encompassing fullness techniques, embellishments, plackets, neckline styles, and meticulous fastener application. The program targets precision in mastering different body measurements for tailored garments. A value-added module focuses on artistic hand embroidery techniques, with the ultimate goal of comprehensive knowledge in packaging and marketing strategies for garments within the 3-month.

Last Leg:


Introducing the Beauty Artistry Program by Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti, a transformative 3-month course designed to empower individuals with comprehensive skills in the field of beauty and wellness. This holistic program covers an array of beauty techniques, ensuring participants gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Goals & Timeline: The program aims to instil fundamental beauty skills, including threading, eyebrow shaping, waxing, and herbal facial bleaching. Through theory sessions, live demonstrations, and practical applications, participants strive to master each technique. The curriculum expands to cover advanced hair cutting for both adults and children, incorporating theory, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions. Progressing to advanced levels, the curriculum sets goals for acquiring proficiency in hair-cutting techniques. Exploring relaxation techniques, the course introduces head and body massages, along with skills in hair straightening, perming, and machine styling. Comprehensively teaching henna application, hair colouring, and dyeing, participants delve into a diverse realm of makeup and dressing techniques for various occasions. In the last leg, business acumen is honed with a focus on costing, pricing strategies, record maintenance, and bookkeeping. The program culminates with insights into marketing management, emphasizing the essential 4Ps for effective customer engagement.

Last Leg:

ASSS extends an appeal for assistance in the form of a suitable annual grant from organizations or individuals, both within and outside India, who share our commitment to uplifting underprivileged urban and rural communities. ASSS is duly registered at a national level by the Government of Haryana and is further registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act by the Government of India. Additionally, ASSS holds registrations with the Income Tax Department, Government of India under sections 12A(a) and 80-G, enabling Indian donors to avail of 50% tax rebates. For foreign organizations/individuals, ASSS is legally authorized to receive donations under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

ASSS call for financial support from organisations and individuals which is sure to act as a catalyst for transformative change in the lives of the marginalized section of Indian society.

For more details and support, please contact:

Mrs. Priya Srivastava
President, Women Welfare
Contact: +91-8851101098