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Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
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Mrs. Priya Srivastava
President, Women Welfare
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Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy Resources


Vegetable Oil from Plants
In wasteland area there is vast scope of growing plants which are capable of producing non-edible oil, which then can be converted to bio-diesel and this bio diesel can be used in DG sets to generate electricity and many other equipments and operations.

Biogas Generation

There is a large number of biogas plants in operation in the country and most of them are present in rural areas. Now what we need to do is to increase its productivity and efficiency using wider applications of this technology and this will lead to the overall rural area development. Other areas of further investigation are also improving the conversion efficiency by producing methane in more amount and CO2 in less, increasing the feedstock base from using cow dung to night soil, vegetable and agricultural waste.

Distributed Hydroelectric Energy Generation
Depending on the availability of some certain potential resources a small hydroelectric generations can be encouraged to satisfy local needs

Ultimate Distributed Energy System

In the long run, there is needed to develop economical solar energy or fuel cell based distributed energy system to cater individual households.

Renewable Energy