Adarsh Samaj - NGO India, Faridabad
NGO India Aims and Objectives of NGO - Adarsh Samaj
NGO in Faridabad
Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 9717079558,9873342449


Mrs. Priya Srivastava
President, Women Welfare
Contact: +91-8851101098
Centre of Technology for Sustainable Development
Integrated SDGs
The aims and objects of the Samiti are as under:
To foster and propagate the ideals of friendship and fraternity, nurturing a sense of unity among individuals.
To boldly voice opposition against exploitation, injustice, and corruption, standing against any form of oppression faced by individuals, classes, or communities within society.
To educate and inspire people to adopt virtuous citizenship norms and actively promote the spirit of national unity and identity.
To elevate the social status of women and vigorously oppose the dowry system, advocating for the rights and protection of girls and women from any form of victimization due to dowry-related matters.
  Women Empowerment
To conduct live shows and awareness campaigns showcasing our activities and values.
  Pollution Control
To publish "Abhiyan Patrika" (Souvenir) as a means of disseminating information and inspiration.
To establish methods of communication through our website, contact information, and sitemap.
8. To actively engage in tree plantation and pollution control initiatives, promoting environmental consciousness.
  Free Health Care Services
To provide training programs for self-employment, particularly for women and educated unemployed individuals, alongside adult education initiatives.
To establish medical assistance facilities for the afflicted, especially for those who are helpless.
To provide health and nutrition services for women and children in need.
To create accessible libraries and reading rooms for knowledge dissemination.
To publish newspapers, magazines, journals, and reproduce various forms of art, literature, science, and crafts for educational purposes.
  Better Health Care through Yoga
To offer support and facilities for the welfare of elderly individuals, children, and disabled persons.
To organize Yoga and Stress Management courses for the community.
  Child Education
To arrange camps promoting positive living habits, moral values, Indian culture, and self-confidence development.
To uplift impoverished rural and village communities, fostering comprehensive development.
To provide scholarships and financial assistance to empower rural and village based marginalised individuals for their holistic growth.
  Blood Donation
To extend aid to those affected by natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, and accidents.
  Financial help for marriages of poor girls
To organize Blood Donation and Medical Diagnostic camps.
To offer financial assistance to underprivileged girls for their marriage.
To provide free legal advice to economically disadvantaged individuals.
To spread awareness about health issues like AIDS and discourage drug and alcohol consumption.
To acquire resources to establish schools, colleges, libraries, and other educational institutions.
To raise funds through donations, subscriptions, and other means to support the achievement of the Samiti's objectives.
To engage in any other initiatives that contribute to the general welfare of society.