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Adarsh Samaj - A NGO located in Faridabad focusing on Women Empowerment and Child Sponsorship NGO Faridabad (Delhi - NCR)
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti (Regd.)
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Regd. Office:
Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti
909, Sector-9,
Faridabad-121006, Haryana, India
Phone: 9717079558,9873342449


Mrs. Priya Srivastava
President, Women Welfare

Center of Technology for Sustainable Development
Integrated SDGs

Adarsh Samaj Sahyog Samiti (Regd.)
Faridabad (India)
A Voluntary Organization

Registered Under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act)
Registered with Income Tax department under section 12A and 80G
Registered with Govt. of Haryana on All India basis
  Guidestar Certification
  A Social Non Goverment Organization engaged in social welfare activities aimed at alleviation of human suffering and all-round amelioration of society especially for the poor, helpless & weaker sections.

Adarsh Samaj Sahayog Samiti (ASSS) is a dedicated Social Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to transformative social welfare initiatives. Our primary focus is on mitigating human suffering and fostering comprehensive societal betterment, particularly for the underprivileged, vulnerable, and marginalized segments. One of the aims of ASSS is the propagation of the values of friendship and fraternity, fostering a sense of unity among individuals. Through our efforts, ASSS provide education that not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates essential moral principles, promoting holistic personal development. ASSS is devoted to elevating the status of women in society, aiming to empower them with opportunities and equal rights. ASSS initiatives encompass mother and childcare, ensuring the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our community. With a strong commitment to rural development, ASSS actively engages in projects that uplift the living standards and prospects of rural areas. By implementing comprehensive strategies, ASSS strive to create sustainable growth and improvement. ASSS is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged girls on their journey towards marriage, reducing financial burdens and promoting equality. Furthermore, ASSS offer vital legal advice to those who lack resources, enabling them to access justice and protection. Taking a firm stance against the dowry system and advocating for the rights of girls and women, ASSS raises its voice against any form of victimization within our society. ASSS firmly stand as a beacon of hope, actively working to create a safer, fairer, and more just community for all.
  Sponsoring a child and Women Empowerment Activities
This organization spreads the idea of friendship and fraternity amongst the people.
It provides education to the people and helps them to develop moral values.
It helps to uplift the women's status in society.
It works for mother and child care.
It works for rural area development.
It helps poor and helpless girls for their marriage. It provides legal advice to poor people.
To work against dowry system and to raise voice against the victimization of girl / women by anybody in the society.